Sunday, July 13, 2008

What's New

You're probably wondering what the Real Dream Cabaret has been up to lately because "keeping our website and blog up to date" is clearly not part of the answer. Though not technically a RDC project, several cabbers (Jack Papier, Ronawanda, The Why Not Guy, Elizabeth and Eamonn) portrayed pretty much an entire town in Brian and Holly's epic cinematic retelling of the Scarlet Letter, starring our own Claire as Hester Prynn. The film premiered to a packed house at Hallwalls in February and got raving reviews. Squeaky Wheel's Peep Show brought out our romantic side as we gave Speed Dating another shot. Ronawanda, Elizabeth, Doug and The Why Not Guy were looking for love but alas, it wasn't meant to be. March was easier. So easy, in fact, that we presented the Easy Show for one night only at Rust Belt Books. The evening featured not one but two splashy musical numbers, topical Spitzer/Hooker jokes and Anna Chiaretta. All three seemed popular. We also learned just how prolific Holly is (answer: very). In preparation for the perpetually upcoming Outlaw Show we're enjoying the ongoing Real Dream Cabaret Book/Movie Club. So far we've watched Steal This Movie, Bonnie and Clyde, Paper Moon, Dogville and Breathless.

Ok, you're all caught up!