Friday, June 03, 2005

Building a better rainbow

Y'all, it is so exciting to be part of the Buffalo Pride Parade this Sunday. I am proud all the time, and I try to explore the other six deadly sins as often as my busy schedule permits, too.

My Cabaret family and I are using the parade as a golden opportunity to kick off our exciting new campaign to BUILD A BETTER RAINBOW. The pride flag is pretty and all, but it just seems kind of ... limiting sometimes. There are all kinds of colors in the universe, ya know. And if they can add a new color of M&M's, shouldn't we be able to spruce up our own brand a little more?

This is all about freedom of choice, so head right over to our online poll and cast your vote today! And share your comments, either there or right here.

See you at the parade!

PS. That's Sunday, June 5, starting at Kleinhan's at 1PM and heading up Elmwood Avenue to Bidwell Park.


Anonymous said...

I've just cast my vote for silver. Silver is the color of currency, and the GLBT community has never been more current than it is right now. Brand visibility is through the roof. Studies show that gay consumers are the demographic of the new millenium.

My lover and I are longtime supporters of the Gay Cause, and we both feel that what the movement needs right now is something that will wake people up. When the Red States realize that there is green to be made from the gold of gays, the hate will end! Silver says, "We're here, we're queer, and we have LOTS of disposable income."

Let me just add that silver is next season's must-have accessory at all the major circuit parties.

Robert Hanson, Esq.

The Why (Not!) Guy said...

You guys are going to shit yourselves when you see my shoes.

Oh, and Go Pink! Pink is Pretty! Pink is the New Black! Pink is Packed with the Gay!