Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Dr. Milbrand

I'm just writing to invite the Cabaret and their faithful audience to join me on the Island I recently purchased in the Carribean. The island is beautiful, full of lush vegetation and the most unusual and slightly frightening creatures. I'm continuing my research on the island, as I've been exiled from the United States due to Bush's laws against Stem Cell Research and cloning. I'm hoping that once we get a new president I'll be allowed to perform my research legitamately. My work is important to me, and my findings, rather than being shunned, should be looked upon as a bold breakthrough in finding the divide between man and animal. Here's hoping that I'll have plenty of victims... I mean visitors this weekend.

Dr. Milbrand

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Ron said...

Well, THAT was one picnic I will always regret taking! For y'all that may not know, this Dr. Milbrand(o) character was one sick puppy.

No, wait, I didn't get the sick puppy's name. But there were a lot of them--sick puppies, sick wolfgirls, sick mutant weirdo critters of all kinds, all "created" by the Evil Dr. Milbrando. He even managed to get ME under his spell with a shot of Cuervo (that was the best part of my trip!); I passed out and woke up covered in pink fur with hooves and a grey tail. (Okay, it's true that I have woken up that way before, but that was back in college when I was young and didn't know any better.)

Fortunately, a rabbi (whose name I didn't catch) appeared on the island and set us all free. Now Dr. M is locked up and his critters are getting hormone disinjections to make them better again. Thank god for rabbis!