Sunday, October 17, 2004

North Ronawanda

I must say that this weekend was one of the most exciting weekends I've had in a long time, or at least since I was locked away on Riker's Island by my evil twin sister Ronawanda. I had so many visitors to my Island this weekend, and I would really like to thank all those special visitors, especially Martha Stewart & Ronawanda. I think in the end things are starting to work out with Ronawanda and I. Perhaps Ronawanda will finally let bygones be bygones and discontinue presenting me as her evil twin sister, when she was the evil wench who stole the Cabaret from me in the first place...

But I digress...

I'm hoping that Ronawanda will come to my probation sentencing this week, and speak on my behalf so that I will finally be free as a bird. Maybe I'll even be able to make it to the Cabaret this week, though I'll probably get lost on the way. Who knows. Well, sis, I hope you'll be able to make it. I promise I won't try to kill you or stop time again.

Love and kisses,
N. Ronawanda


Ron said...

North, honey, I totally share y'all's joy over the delightful weekend--the crunchy and the smooth, the raw and the cooked, the whole she-bang.

Good luck with probation--I think.

One thing I know for sure: whether you're stopping time, trying to arm wrestle me, tricking me into attempted murder, or just stoppin' by for a cuppa joe, you'll ALWAYS be the best evil sister a girlboy could have.


Emily said...

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Ron said...

Well, hey, Emily, girl, how you doin'? Long time, no see! It sure is Sweet of You to offer Us a Free Flatscreen TeeVee or LCD Monitor. In fact, I Can't Imagine watchin' TeeVee the Old Way any more, now That there's a Technologically Advanced Alternative! I think I'll just Go THrow out My Old Non-FlatScreen TeeVee, along with my vinyl records and my Newton and my Beta Tapes and my Civil Liberties. Who needs 'em Anymore? There's somethin' Newer and Better now!

Girl, I'm sure my evil sister North Ronawanda shares my Joy that you are using our little Moment of Girl Talk among Fictional Characters to advertise your Giveaway. (She already Has a FlatScreen TV that she stole off a Guy she was Sleepin' With, but that's Another Story.)

Feel free to Drop on By anytime you like and post unrelated spam on Our blog, hon--we lllluuuuuvvvvvvvvv the InterNet's unparallelled ability to help spread commercial Crap throughout every sector of the Known Universe.

Catch ya later, Alligator,
xxx ooo