Monday, November 08, 2004

Frosty the Snowman

I just wanted to let everyone know of my progress in my annual migration south from the North Pole. I just finally arrived in Buffalo, NY today, following the trail of a small flurry. Buffalo truly is my favorite vacation spot. Between November and March, there is never a shortage of food (snow to you humans), and there are plenty of luscious ladies for me to swing with.

I do have one favor to ask of all Buffalonians, though. I would be very grateful if everyone wouldn't drive for the entire winter. You see, the dirt and black sludge your modes of transportation emit onto the ground become unsightly messes on my outfit, and the ladies never go for an untidy snowman. You'd really be helping me out if you just walked, biked or took the subway for the entire winter. Then, when the snow melts, and I skip town, you can go back to driving your filthy vehicles.

One other note... if Rime the Snowman comes looking for me, I'm not in town.


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