Thursday, November 04, 2004


People who weren't there keep askin' how our Election Night show went, and hell, y'all, what can I say? It was what it was. Great dream, bad reality. Started like a party, ended like a wake (complete with fanTAStic music from our house band, the Dixieland Grifters, who played us out with a nice little jazz funeral music for cryin' and dancin'). We laughed and we cried and we did the only thing we could do under the circumstances: we joined together with our friends and put on a HELL of a show. I can't IMAGINE bein' anywhere else that night, that's fer sure. Thank you, Raging Grannies, Steve Kurtz, David Butler, Jody Lafond, Todd Nelson, Jan Nagle, and Ted Pelton, for sharin' our teensy tiny stage with us, too!

Bear in mind, I'm just a fictional character and I only exist onstage and in these words here, but fer GAWD's sake, I gotta live through all this just like the rest of y'all! During the show itself all I could really think about was what I was gonna wear next (didn't count the costume changes but I think it was a personal record), but lemme tell you the full shock of the election hit home the next morning, along with a killer hangover. (I never touch a drop during shows, but our dear friend The Wine Guy was in the audience Tuesday, and as soon as the performance ended--around 2 or 2:30 AM?--the vino started flowin' inta my veins.)

Mah honey said when it was all over that the next run of Cabaret shows will have to be in Canada cuz we won't be allowed to play in Bush's America anymore. The hell we won't! I talk a lot about movin' out of the country, but that would just be letting the REAL terrorists (the ones with "Four More Years" stickers on their fuckin' SUVs) win. As long as I have any say in the matter, my ass is stayin' put. I'll be DAMNED if I'll let my country fall into the hands of jackasses. (You might think it's there now, but as long as we're so goddammed "divided" as a nation, there's still a shitload of us who DO NOT AGREE with the powers that be.)

On to brighter pastures: now that our month of shows is over, we're plannin' what to do next. So lemme throw it out there to alla y'all who come to our shows and read our funkyass blog... Want some say in our future? You might not feel like you have a say in your COUNTRY's future lately, but WE wanna hear what you think about what our little gang of make-believers has done so far and where we oughta go next. (Fer instance: Are you one of those people who want to see us set up in a bigger establishment, or do you like the funky 30-seat AHMbiAHNCE of our Rust Belt home? Is it important to you that our show change 100% every 2 performances, or do you care? Are there topics or themes you wanna see us take on? And so on.) Tell us anything that's on yer mind. And even if you don't have nuthin' to say about our cabaret, feel free to vent about the fucked-up decision our nation just made, too. Whatever floats yer boat or sinks the status quo's. Spill it! Puhllllleeeeeease! This space is YER space...

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