Friday, November 12, 2004

Webmaster's Report

Now that the October run of the Real Dream Cabaret is over, I've had some time to analyze the demographic data from our website tracking software. Here are a few excerpts from the complete report.

Search Query Report (the words people used to Google us)

1. Kitty Jung (3)
2. (3)
3. Real Dream Cabaret (3)
4. Jeannine Giffear (2)
5. Brian Milbrand (2)
6. Milbrand Real Dream Cabaret (1)
7. Julie Perini (1)
8. Kendell Kelly (1)
9. Anna Chiaretta Buffalo (1)
10. Cabaret Scripts (1)
11. Real Dream Cabaret Buffalo October (1)
12. Aimee Goldberg 2004 (1)
13. Greg Kempf (1)
14. Brian Lampkin (1)
15. Kitty Jung Home (1)
16. Aimee Goldberg Johnny (1)
17. Peggy Shaw Scientology(1)
18. Anna Chiaretta (1)
19. Rust Belt Books Wittgenstein (1)
20. Ric Royer (1)

Webmaster's Note: Look guys, I don't mind coming in behind Kitty or Jeannine or Brian or even non-Cabaret folks like Kendell Kelly and Julie Perini. But I have to say that coming in behind "Peggy Shaw Scientology" rankles.

Days Ranked by Number of Webpage Hits

1. Wednesday (187)
2. Tuesday (176)
3. Monday (159)
4. Friday (146)
5. Thursday (141)
6. Saturday (123)
7. Sunday (95)

Busiest Hour of the Day

1. 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Work Day Traffic Expressed as Percentage of the Total

1. 42.5%


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